Pictures have been released of Kim Schmitz, founder of Megaupload’s cars being transported away from his New Zealand house. The pictures show the cars on transporters being taken away from a picturesque mansion.

His collection included a two Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM with the numberplates ‘GOOD’ and ‘EVIL’, a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drop Head Coupe with ‘GOD’ numberplate, a Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG with ‘GUILTY’ and a Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG with a ‘HACKER’ plate. The pictures show his Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG with ‘POLICE’ numberplate, his Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG on ‘STONED’ numberplate and his Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG on ‘MAFIA’ numberplates all being towed on seperate low-loaders.

More details on the case are emerging. 64 bank accounts as well as various PayPal accounts have been suspended by the FBI. These contain around $ 175 million in the names of Megaupload Ltd., Vestor Ltd., Finn Batato, Julius Bencko, Sven Echternach, Mathias Ortmann, Andrus Nomm, and Bram Van Der Kolk. The accounts are known to be held in New Zealand, China, Germany, Malaysia, Philippines, the Netherlands, Australia, and Slovakia as well as with PayPal and Citibank.

Around thirty cars and motorcycles were seized as well as property and technology on the strength of a series of emails that appear to show Kim offering cash rewards for uploaders who had provided specific DVDs and other copyrighted works. One series shows how Kim wanted to copy YouTube ‘one-to-one’. Among the seized items three 82-inch Samsung 820DXN LCD TVs, two 108-inch Sharp LCD TVs, two Sony PMW-F3K cameras, two 65-inch Sharp LC-65XS1M LCD TVs, a 56-inch TVLogic LUM56W computer screen and 60 Dell 710 computer servers were taken from the house.

For more information on Kim ‘Kimble’ Schmitz’s arrest in New Zealand, visit our earlier post.

[Via Flickr]

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  1. I looked after these cars for a few months, now them well, wonder how this will pan out, knowing kim, i wouldn’t be suprised if he gets away with a slap on the wrist….

  2. I saw his Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead licensed “GOD” in Monaco. Crazy car. He also had an S65 AMG licensed “CEO” on location.

    And he spends $1,000,000/ year gifting New Zealand an unbelievable fire works display.

    But he’ll always be remembered for his Gumball antics.

  3. The picture above shows an S-class, not an E-class.

    I still remember the moment when he was racing the Gumball, got a flat somewhere in France. Went to a local dealer nearby, bought a new rim/tyre that fitted his CL3000 (that was what the type said on the back) and had a full new set overnighted by AMG to his hotel that day.

  4. Well, we can’t argue that Megaupload has no guiltiness for infringing copyright…
    Those industries need to feed their families too…
    But that means we can’t download illegal stuff again…
    So, there is just grey, no black or white about this matter.

  5. lol i’m surprised they’re just getting around to arresting kimble. hopefully his fat ass gets locked up for a while. nothing worse than a braggart who didn’t get anything he had through legitimate means

  6. you are a federal or what ? Legitimate ways….fuck off, thanks to him, I discover the wonderfull world of cinema and underground music. Without megaupload and internet, actually I would be a dumbass listening to Justin Bieber. You’re just a jealous prick about his cars

  7. Piracy is fine as long as nobody makes money out of it. File-sharing doesn’t need guys like Kim. He is a cool guy, but unfortunately a bit too crook.
    And yes, Joe is a jealous prick.

  8. MegaUpload was not only a bitlocker but a legitimate transient file service website. I don’t think it’s right that US allows for this type of takedown. Data stored online, legal or illegal, can disappear in an instant without warning due to United States government ruling. And what happened to innocent until proven guilty? They throw this guy in jail, take his cars and money, and ask questions later. They tried to do the same thing to Youtube, but did you see any executives go to jail first?? MegaUpload is a successful bitlocker. Would you send Western Digital, Maxtor, or Seagate executives to jail because people store illegal stuff on their hard drives?? The difference is that cloud storage technology replaces local hard disk storage in this case.


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