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Car Crash: First Production Lexus LFA Crash

First Production Lexus LFA Crash

According to the very thorough members of ClubLexus, we can show you pictures of the first production Lexus LFA with accident damage. The crash happened in Orlando on 8th October 2011 according to sources on the forum. The car was then offered for sale at Expo Motor Cars in Houston, Texas and sold on 3rd January 2012 with 635 miles on the clock.

There is some suggestion that the accident happened when a Lexus Orlando employee took the car for a spin, wrecking the brand new LFA. However, these are just rumours, we will probably never know what happened to this Lexus LFA. Interestingly, whilst the damage doesn’t appear to be too bad, the repair bill could be substantial. We’re told that a new front bumper alone costs $ 16,000!

This white Lexus LFA is number 142 of 500 cars. It has clear title.

[Via MotorAuthority]



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