More news regarding the Bugatti Galibier. The release of the four seat luxury sedan is pushed back to at least 2015. The Volkswagen Group Board of Management has not given the Galibier — which made its conceptual debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009 — the green light. If the Galibier gets the go-ahead, it would still take up to three or four years to finalize the production version..

According to German magazine Auto, Motor und Sport the design of the Bugatti Galibier has been altered. As reported back in October, Bugatti boss Wolfgang Dürheimer was not entirely convinced by the current design of the limousine and returned the car to the drawing boards. The rear section has been redesigned, just as the rear doors to make entering and exiting the car much easier.

The output of the Veyron’s 1001 horsepower W16 engine will be the benchmark for the Galibier as Dürheimer said “no Bugatti could be weaker than its predecessor”. Currently Bugatti has sold all 300 regular Veyrons, but the Molsheim based carmaker has still to sell more than 100 Veyron Grand Sports as the production of this version was targeted at a total of 150 units. Therefore Bugatti is working on a more powerful version to boost the sales of the Grand Sport.

As long as these Grand Sports hasn’t been sold, Bugatti won’t be able to launch and produce the Galibier. So don’t be surprised if the Galiber will be delayed once again in the future.

[Via Auto, Motor und Sport]

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