Indian company DC Design has finally unveiled their Avanti supercar in New Delhi, India. The sports car has been named after the Studbaker Avanti that appeared in Tintin comics, and means ‘forward’ in Italian. The Avanti will be an affordable supercar at a price tag of Rs 30 lakh.

A lineup of powerplants will be available. A 265hp four-cylinder turbo petrol engine is sourced from Ford and a turbo V6 engine comes from Honda at a later stage. This engine will make 400hp. Both engines are matted to a six-speed dual-clutch transmission system, and are being tuned in the UK and shipped to India in crates. The Avanti is expected to hit sub-seven seconds zero to hundred sprints.

Like the engines, most of the other components will also be imported into the country. The aluminium bodyshell and interior will be manufactured at DC’s Talegaon plant in Pune. The body panels are made of GRP. The total weight is an expected 1,560kg.

DC Design aims on manufacturing 200 cars a year, and to slowly increase the number to 2000 annually. Showrooms will be opened across the country in order to sell the Avanti supercar. The first of these showrooms will be launched in Hyderabad and stock other DC products.

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  1. lol does everything from India burn? their curry burns my ass and now their super car burns my eyes…..btw West Indies curry is way better

  2. At the Studebaker Drivers Club Forum, we reviewed the entire catalogue of cars that had appeared in Tintin comics. There were two Studebakers, but no Avanti. Unless there are some other Tintin versions, this account of the origin of the name makes no sense.


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