Autovoce spotted this Custom Ferrari 458 Italia on the streets of Austin, Texas last summer. It looks as though the Italian supercar received a number of obvious cosmetic tweaks including a huge carbon fiber rear wing, front splitter, side skirts and mirror covers. Originally, it was spotted at outside a car meet but Autovoce were unable to get footage. Luckily, they managed to catch up with the car on the streets.

The video below shows what the car sounds like. We can’t tell you the modifications Moorespeed made under the engine cover, but the exhaust makes it obvious that one or two changes were made.

Enjoy the video and the pictures!

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  1. I was at the dealership where this car was worked on yesterday, and happened to see it in service. All the modifications were cosmetic, the car is a stock 458 as far as the drivetrain goes.

    That wing is also just as ugly as it looks in pictures.


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