Video: 1500HP Twin-Turbo Corvette Acceleration

It is very tempting to put the pedal to the metal on an empty stretch of highway, especially in a powerful sports car. Today’s video shows what happens when you unleash 1500 horses on the asphalt.

This video gives us an impression of a modified C6 Corvette with two turbo’s accelerating flat out from 50mph (80km/h) up to just over 170mph (274km/h) in less than ten seconds. Notice the rear-wheel powered Corvette is struggling at around 80mph (130km/h) as the rear steps out. This shows how difficult it can be to handle the massive amount of power — 1500 horses aren’t easy to tame.

This recently uploaded video is a part from an older video made this summer, in which the Corvette is racing against a 1200 horsepower twin-turbo Dodge Viper, and was made by HighTechCorvette. They also released the great videos with a hot girl on the passenger seat of a Ford Mustang, Cadillac CTS-V Coupe, and Porsche Carrera GT.



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