Drunk Driver Wrecks New Corvette Grand Sports in Miami

At around 3:00 on Wednesday 14th December, a drunk man lost control of his vehicle wrecking a number of new Chevrolet Corvettes on display in the parking lot of Tropical Chevrolet. The accident happened on Biscayne Blvd in Miami Shores. The driver was not seriously injured, however, the repair bill for the three Corvettes he destroyed is likely to be very high.

All three cars you see in the wreckage were Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sports. It seems that the driver hit the silver Corvette, pushing it into the white and red cars, causing damage to all three vehicles. We don’t know what the car that caused the accident was, although, we think it’s safe to assume it was a complete write-off too.

[Via CorvetteBlogger]


  1. sad is he was drunk.. but better crash into 3 corvettes than in a pole from the side and kill himself,
    nobody deserve to die but MFs drinking and driving deserving pay for that to remember


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