Ferrari Enzo Replacement Spyshots

Recently, Carscoop posted some photos of a heavily camouflaged Ferrari test mule that they think could be a prototype for the expected Ferrari Enzo replacement model, but it could also be the upcoming Ferrari 458 Scuderia, a sportier version of the standard 458. Essentially, the photos show a heavily modified 458 Italia with an extremely low and long front nose. The rear is also heavily redesigned, almost making the supercar resemble a spooting break coupé!

We’re none the wiser about what this model could be. However, the natural assumption to make is that it is a Ferrari Enzo replacement or Ferrari 458 Scuderia testing. The photos were taken at Fiorano. In recent interviews, Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa has stated that an Enzo replacement will be presented by the end of 2012.

The replacement for the Ferrari Enzo will be constructed of carbon fiber and powered by a mid-mounted V12 engine. Ferrari is considering the use of hybrid technology on the next generation of their hyper car. According to Felisa, hybrid systems employed on Ferrari road cars “must focus on improving efficiency and not just be about performance”. The Enzo successor would be revealed by the end of 2012, although the car’s name is still to be decided.

Whereas McLaren emphasizes on carbon fiber in their production models, Ferrari will not. As Felisa points out: “For a small volume car such as the Enzo where the focus is on the minimum weight possible it is the correct solution.” But for regular cars like the 458 and the 599 successor carbon is not the way to go. “The weight benefits compared with an aluminium chassis are very small and the costs are huge. In the event of an accident, it is also very difficult to identify whether the chassis has been damaged.”

For more photos head over to Carscoop.



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