Video Junior Strous Shows His Drift Skills in Death Valley

Our dear friend and racing driver Junior Strous is known in the automotive world as a successful racing car driver and drift specialist. The professional racing car driver from the Netherlands visited Las Vegas a few weeks ago where he took two Chevrolet Camaros for a drive in Death Valley. You can imagine what happened.

Junior also shed some light on his future in the professional racing world. In the HD video below you can check out his drift skills. Underneath the video you will find a glimpse of his future plans.

Junior says the following about his future plans:

I’m working hard on the 2012 season. For the 2012 season I have several offers. Ranging in coolness, Nascar, Indycar, F1 and the ‘feeder series’. I feel I have a different mindset than most race car driver I meet. I could never drive a race car when I know I can’t win with. My worst nightmare is to become a regular back marker for a season. The only winning feeling you then have is when you beat your team mate. Drivers you have beaten in other series lapping you, it is the worst feeling I can think of as a driver. But some drivers who are paying to get into the F1 grid do not seem to care so much. They are I think blinded by the lure of the F1 and supposed glamour. They don’t care about winning all that much.

I feel that I deserve to drive a good race car, I have won more races and championships than over 70% of the current F1 drivers. I don’t pay to race. In the worst case I set-up my own team, like I did in the Indycar Lights and European Radical Sportscar Series, and with success! My Winners Circle Group team is writing history every step of the way. Winning championships and becoming the first Dutch team ever to win races, lead an important series championship and secure an Indycar Team license.

The 2012 driver market is overcrowded with paying drivers, offering more and driving up the prices. The race seats are filling quickly. But I’m confident that there is a place in F1 and/or Indycar for me during the 2012 season. December and January are always crazy and combined with holidays, meetings and negotiations across the world. My focus is to drive where I can win.

The 2012 Indycar series looks interesting with the new cars leveling the playing field a bit more. The negotiations are ongoing, but I cannot go in many details at this moment. Our deadline is set for the beginning of January. Around that time we will announce to the world what my plans are for this year and maybe even for the near future.

It is an interesting time for me. My fans and followers may have noticed I’ve been traveling a lot to some F1 and Indycar related towns and places. I even went to Las Vegas! That’s where I created my latest video. The venue was Death Valley near Sin City. I hope you enjoy the footage. In the meantime I will do what I can do best: Winning races, and being marketable.

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