Lamborghini Aventador

The first Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventadors are being delivered to the first owners around the world as we speak. After seeing two crashed Aventadors, a near miss made sure there was not a third one.

The video below shows a driver backing up the LP700-4 Aventador out of the Lamborghini workshop at Meilenwerk in Stuttgart, Germany without looking backwards for other cars. The driver almost bumps into an Audi A6, luckily the driver of the Audi acts quickely and avoids the collision with the Lamborghini. The driver of the Lamborghini probably never knew how close he was.


  1. why nobody talks what a shame done Lamborghini factory with delivering of the cars… ordered by my friend is delayed 8 months at the moment and last week he get an info that it could be next 2 months… LOL

  2. If you can provide us with clear information and statements from an owner, the dealership and other parties we will write a story and ask the factory for more information on the subject.


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