Lamborghini Aventador Crash

This picture may not be the best in the world but it shows a damaged Lamborghini Aventador on a low-loader after crashing at Daytona Beach over the weekend. Very few facts have surfaced surrounding the details of the crash, but it appears that a Lamborghini employee took the car out for a final lap before leaving the circuit. The rear passenger tire blew, ripping the back bumper and quarter panel off.

We’re pleased that the damage is most likely to be cosmetic. A new rear bumper and the car should be back on the road. With so few Aventadors on the road we suspect that this isn’t a customer car. It is the second Lamborghini Aventador crash though. The first happened back in August when Austrian journalists at were involved in an accident with the press demonstrator. Fortunately in both instances both driver and passenger suffered no injuries.

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  1. haha..its funny how ‘kingIsrael’ thinks he knows better….

    it clearly says ” The rear passenger tire blew “…..

    but apparently KingIsrael wud hav been able to stop dat from happnin….


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