Video Lexus LFA Hits the Race Track Road Atlanta

The following video covers a story of a privately-owned Lexus LFA #003 hitting a race track in the US. The guys behind the company Forged Performance have released a video showing the Japanese supercar hitting Road Atlanta. The owner named Roy also has a GT-R. The video made by Zak Kerbelis is a masterpiece.

As many of you know, one of our GT-R clients also owns the first retail delivered LFA in the world, affectionately labeled #003. The first two cars went to Toyota insiders. Roy has become a good friend over the years and unlike many supercar owners, he actually uses his cars on track and on the street. His LFA is not a garage queen by any means. Every now and then he gives me the unique privilege of driving his LFA on track and on one such occasion at Road Atlanta we decided to bring Zak Kerbelis with us to do some filming. It’s not often I am handed the keys to a $400K irreplaceable super car and told to kill it and fortunately we had Zak on hand to film. By way of introduction, Zak is only 18 years old, but has produced some of the most amazing videos for Formula D and has quite a talent for film and video editing.



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