Video Saudi Guy Scared of Drifting

A Saudi passenger thinks he can handle it and has no problems with drifting at all, because Saudis have a natural tendency to do extensive and widespread drifts in their own country anyhow. The Lebanese driver shows him otherwise. What an epic footage!

You are wondering what the guys are saying. The conversation goes along the lines of:

So you’re telling me you do drifting and you got cars and all, it’s not a new thing for you yeah?
Yeah yeah of course
Guy nods
So you’re don’t get scared or anything?
So you’re used to this yeah?
Yeah yeah

0:55 Are you trying to tell me something?
No no
You’re not scared right

[Via Shmee150]


  1. This guy doesn’t represent the REAL Saudi guy. A real Saudi would be out of the window wearing his shemagh ‘Latmah’ style and waving to the crowd! xP!
    Just write هجولة in youtube and you’ll find plenty of that..
    P.S. I’m Saudi! <3


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