Jon Olsson Vists Koenigsegg

Being a Swede, nothing in the hypercar world was going to appeal to Jon Olsson more than the Swedish designed and built Koenigsegg. Followers of the free-skier may have noticed a recent blog post covering Jon’s trip to the factory in southern Sweden where he got the chance to drive a CCX with the steering wheel on the ‘right’ side!

Jon reported that there were around 10-12 completed cars at the factory. About five Agera’s, a few CCX’s, a CCXR and a couple of CCR’s. From his pictures we also get an idea of the production process with several completed carbon fiber shells on display as well as a red Agera R undergoing some work and a white completed car. The car Jon drove is particularly famous around UK car spotters as it is the car owned by supercar collector Peter Saywell, owner of an Agera R and a Zonda PS Edition.

So, do we think Jon should trade in the LP670-4 and the GT-R for one of these? Or should he stay put and wait for his Aventador set to be delivered in the New Year?

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  1. i couldnt agree more with Jambis, i have been visiting this site fanatically since April of 10′ and you are by fa the best site ,my favourite at least.When i saw you moved to fb with some small articles i almost started crying,i couldnt believe that the only website visited closed…Great to see that you got the old photo viewing system back.Hope you continue your excellent work for many years to come!


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