Home Videos Video: Guy Caught with a Fake Phantom

Video: Guy Caught with a Fake Phantom

Video Guy Caught with a Fake Phantom

Yo man, check this out. Taking fake it till you make it to the extreme. This is the thing my man. This dude is driving in a Chrysler 300C that he tried to turn into a Bentley Flying Spur, Rolls-Royce Phantom…. whatever….

But where have we seen that before? Exactly it is not the first one we published on our front page.


  1. Don’t be an ass. It’s not flattering. Instead of hiding your racial biases, just come out and say what you want to say: you look down on people that don’t talk and look like you. Simpleton.

  2. And you say i’m the one that’s judging? I don’t look down on anyone. Do you think people talked like that 40 years ago? No. It’s something that we have accepted in society and if anything we encourage it.

  3. The white Phantom is so nice! u like or dislike __>>> no f***, no comment, i like and i do, i proud of it yeah, why don’t u think so, men?


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