Overkill Audi TT-RS Kermit the Frog Edition

The GTspirit team was in Stuttgart this weekend and we visited the local Meilenwerk complex. While leaving the central building we spotted this Audi TT-RS Kermit the Frog Edition being parked next to our Audi RS4 convertible camera car.

We surely love the TT-RS, but this color is just a definite no go. Only Kermit himself was in the car, Miss Piggy was nowhere to be seen.

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  1. Hey…it looks FAR better here than on the Ferrari. It’s actually a good colour for this thing. Needs a white or light tan interior.

  2. Saw a few TT-RS in that colour and I like it. Especially I liked the Roadster with Carbon mirrors and dark rims I saw a few weeks back.

  3. You guys have reconsider your criteria about overkill. I haven’t seen proper overkill for a weeks. Probably I won’t choose this color, but this is far away from overkill.

  4. of course it is Porsche 911 colour. Just need 20″ black rims and some black graphic decals on bottom doors and bumpers and would be beautiful for most of us.


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