Audi Q7 Pickup

Many different kind of cars, modifications and styles have featured in our ‘overkill’ category. But is the car starring this edition overkill or is this Audi Q7 pickup an interesting customization?

This car was spotted in the United States where the pickup truck is very popular and has a special status. The best-selling vehicle in the US for 24 years was the Ford F-150, a full-size pickup truck.

It seems like that building a car with a pickup style trunk is quite popular these days. We have seen the (in)famous BMW M3 Pickup, a rendering of the Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG Pickup and a Range Rover Pickup featured in our ‘Overkill’ category.

So an Audi Q7 Pickup doesn’t seem that odd at all, or does it? Feel free to share your thought in the comments below.

[Via and I Am Audi]

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  1. 1. The Pick-up truck holds no special prestige or significance in the U.S. lol F-150 are popular because middle America (farmers, factory workers, construction and general contractors) enjoy them.
    2. Black out that chrome and billet and this is one nice truck. lol

  2. @ Authority Figure: Your suggestion that “the Pick-up truck holds no special prestige or significance in the U.S.” is simply wrong. Not only is that proven by the fact the pickup is the most sold vehicle for many years, but also because the pickup is driven by many more than only farmers, construction workers etc. According to that logic the most popular vehicle in Europa should be a van or minibus which it isn’t. Just compare the popularity of the pickup in northern America to other parts in the world and you will see that the pickup has special significance in the US.

  3. Who decides what’s overkill?? IMHO overkill is putting on to much spoilers/body kits/oversized exhaust and 26″ rims on a Civic… Or something like that…

    This is a nice pick-up, and like more people here, I like it even better then the standard Q7… :D

  4. I’m in America. I don’t need to read a wikipedia entry to know that the pick-up truck’s history. Besides that entry cements my comments, not contradicts them.

    The pick-up is a utility vehicle. Its PERSISTENT buyer and demographic is the one I described. If were not for this buyer, the America pickup truck would have died off in the 80s. In fact, the production of pickups dropped dramatically for some time. Then something fascinating happened – aftermarket. In the mid-80s when buyers in the midwest and south started purchasing pick-up trucks and sending them to Southern Comfort Conversion. All of a sudden the pickup was a status symbol beyond the blue collar worker. It was big, good looking and flashy.

    Those Southern Comfort conversions went so well that four door 4x4s came into prominence. For many years the Jeep Cherokee was THE American 4×4. Eventually Cadillac gave us the Escalade. Along the same time the marketplace introduced the SUV concept and Ranger Rover and Toyota (Landcruiser) said “we’ve been doing this for years.” and the market blew up. But it became a market for SUVs first and pickups to a lesser degree.

    Today pickups remain, to a lesser degree, a status symbol that equates with “look I own something big” but they are far less popular now that the styling has gone back to the more utilitarian looks of yesteryear. But never fear, the PERSISTENT buyer and demographic of the truck remains in place: farmers, factory workers, construction and general contractors – or generally thought of “blue collar” consumers.

  5. Thanks for your reply. But this extensive reply and the Wikipedia article contradicts your first comment: ‘The Pick-up truck holds no special prestige or significance in the U.S’.
    After all, you agreed that ‘Today pickups remain, to a lesser degree, a status symbol’. So, does the pickup holds a special prestige or significance in US or not? Yes or no. ;)

  6. maybe s/he is getting the status symbol mixed up with their own imagination of them self, going soley by the username and avatar, being an ego thing.


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