Dubai is home to some of the most incredible supercars and tuned sports cars, but sometimes you stumble upon creations that are not as well executed as others. The idea behind the Range Rover Pickup is obvious, a luxury SUV with a pickup style trunk like the Hummer H2 SUT. Taking the roof off a SUV will not only affect its looks, it will also affect its handling as it largely depends on the rigidity from the roof.

Speaking of Range Rover Pickups, how about this Range Rover Evoque Pickup render made by Deviantart member Pacee? This we could see as the next best SUT or beach cruiser!

[Thanks to Ali for the tip, photos via scd]

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  1. Once again a so called writer imposing their own opinions on the site readers, whether it’s an overkill or not let the people decide for themselves and don’t force your own opinions on them,
    now speaking of range rover pickups LMAO there is a reason why this range rover was made into a pickup and that’s because it’s used for hunting ( mostly hunting with hawks) and that’s probably why you guys stumbled on this range rover pickup with Qatari plates ;)

  2. @Flylogist: ROFL. If its made for hunting and you don’t want it to show up in the overkill category here or anywhere else you should stay away from shopping center parking area ;) Again and for some reason we have to repeat this over and over again, all cars posted in the overkill category are always posted with a wink, its up for you to decide whether its overkill or you like it.

  3. It’s not a pick up, its obviously sum type of convertible and is it even overkill??????? it looks to me as if it was ordered straight from the factory

  4. Oh my god!! They have ruined a perfectly good Range Rover. I don’t think that its actually a pick up but a convertible with a lip on the back to store the roof.

    If I was the owner of this thing I would certainly want to keep the roof so nobody would recognize me driving this monstrosity


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