Car Crash McLaren MP4-12C Crashed at The Nurburgring

Unconfirmed reports are indicating that a McLaren MP4-12C has crashed at the Nurburgring Nordschleife a few days ago. Drivers cuing up for a touristenfahrt night session at Nurburgring witnessed a rather unusual spectacle when the track was closed for McLaren. They took the brand new MP4-12C for a ride alone, driving flat out filmed by a helicopter crew.

The report released at states that a number of eager drivers where waiting to hit the track when the MP4 flew past them at the Nordschleife carpark at full speed, before disappearing under Antoniusbuche. Within seconds tyres were screaming and witnesses reported the sound of a large impact. Shortly afterwards a covered truck recovered a wrecked car from the area after Antoniusbuche and Tiergarten.

When eventually the touristenfahrt finally opened (one hour behind schedule), the area where it’s presumed the McLaren crashed was declared a roadworks zone with evidence of barrier damage and fluidspills readily apparent.

There is no official news from McLaren on the suspected crash of the vehicle nor information on the test driver. We hope he is ok and did not suffer any injuries.

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