Interview Project Kahn's Owner Afzal Kahn

Kahn News had an one to one interview with Afzal Kahn, the owner of Project Kahn. The UK tuner is known for his special packages for Range Rovers, Maybachs, SLRs and numerous other brands. The interviewer asked him some exclusive questions and we are bringing you the full interview below.

Kahn News: How did you start off in the automotive industry?

Afzal Kahn: As a young boy my foremost interest was cars. I used to walk past car dealerships thinking “I can reinvent this industry,” and I knew I could do it. In the late 80’s, I worked all the hours possible without wages at a fiber glass company in Bradford in order to master craftsmanship and aesthetics of different styling packages. I was so focused; I went on to buy the company! And as project ideas took off, I set up a small car accessory outlet in Bradford, even though the shop was small, customers would buy my products and as time went by, I set out to design my own wheel and I guess you know the rest.

Kahn News: How does it feel to have manufactured the first wheel in the world with the spoke running all the way to the edge of the rim? And how did you achieve such an innovative feat?

Afzal Kahn: It’s something I’m proud of. I saw no reason why I could not create something unique. I approached manufacturers in this country but I couldn’t find any that were good enough to produce what I wanted. So I went all over the world to find a good manufacturer and eventually I settled on an Italian company who had the quality and production capabilities to manufacture exactly what I wanted. I designed a wheel with a spoke that ran to the very edge of the rim, what you now know as the RS-R, a wheel that has now become one of the most replicated in the world.

Kahn News: What makes A. Kahn Design stand out from the rest?

Afzal Kahn: Well, why settle for what’s available? At A. Kahn Design, hundreds of thousands of pounds are spent in rigorous research and product development and I will not launch a product until I am satisfied. Every product I design whether it’s a timepiece or body kit it’s designed to make a statement in itself. To dare to be different in today’s society shows great passion, and I have a lot of time for people who share the same philosophy.

Kahn News: In 2008 Kahn joined forces with British tuner Cosworth. What led to that union?

Afzal Kahn: It was a speculative approach and they were receptive to ideas and business opportunities. Cosworth now supply engines to 4 of the F1 teams so our ‘partnership’ has become much more high profile this year.

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  1. the number plates – are most superior position of settling-vat Kahn’s product range. Interesting, how much he payed to Cosworth, they allow to put Kahn’s name near ?

  2. How can you compare Fab Design who offers complete bespoke tuning packages with Kahn Design who offers just wheels and some bumpers for Range Rovers ?

  3. @Alex G: Because Fab Design is as horrid as most stuff from Kahn or even worse. Doesn’t matter if it’s just a pack of wheels or a whole modification of the cars.
    And I agree with Richard, FAB Design and Kahn mostly ruin the cars they lay their hands on.


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