Bristol Fighter T

UK exclusive car maker Bristol Cars has found its savoir and has been bought out by the Swiss company Kamkorp Autokraft, part of the Frazer-Nash group. The new follows after the company went into administration in March.

Frazer-Nash is known in the market because its electric sports car concept back in 2009 called the Namir. William Chia, the group’s director of operations, stated:

Over the next few months we will start to reveal the details of our plans to combine Bristol Cars’ tradition and iconic marque with Frazer-Nash’s pioneering technology to showcase our cutting-edge electric and range-extended powertrains. Owners and enthusiasts of the cars should be assured that, even though these are early days in our tenure of the brand, we are committed to providing them and their cars with the highest levels of quality, technology and service.

[Via Pistonheads]

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