BMW Vision Connected Drive Concept

This years Tokyo Motor Show in December will show us a BMW M Power lightweight concept. The engineering concept will show the possibilities of how BMW M can improve on the use of lightweight materials in the bodyshell and chassis.

The concept will showcase BMW innovation with respect to materials used in today’s M cars such as aluminium, magnesium, thermo-plastic and carbon fiber in key areas, but also using the ideas in greater capacity and the technology from the BMWi programme. Mass volume production of CFRP will be able to filter through to BMW’s core product strategy.

It is more of an “Engineering and Performance showcase” than a visual one. Similiar to the Concept 1er Tii at the Tokyo 2007. It is not the 1M and it is not for production but to show a “bespoke” concept to show how things will progress in the future.

We have to wait until half way through December to see it in real live.



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