Video Shelby Cobra VS Ferrari 458 Italia - The Result

Following the initial teaser of a drag race between a Shelby Cobra and Ferrari 458 Italia shown to you all yesterday, we can now show you the video below which holds the end result.

Just a recap. The winner will get $ 400,000 cash! Dan Bilzerian in his tricked out 65 427 Shelby Cobra betted the amount of money that his American muscle can run a faster quarter mile then his friend Tom Goldstein’s 2011 Ferrari 458.

Check out the video below for the final result.

Thanks to Halvstein for the tip!

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  1. Thanks for the credit.
    I’m sure NSentertainment will release a “better” video with some fancy editing and stuff at some point, but this video gives us the (not so surprising) result now…

  2. People that use “fail” are such sheep. Yeah not too surprising some simple math could have saved this guy a lot of money. That was a very bad beating.


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