Video Shelby Cobra VS Ferrari 458 Italia Drag Race

One bet and there is only one winner! The following video is all about a race between a historic American muscle car and a present Italian prancing horse. A 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 versus a Ferrari 458 Italia, but who will win in this quarter mile drag race?

The winner will get $ 400,000 cash! Dan Bilzerian in his tricked out 65 427 Shelby Cobra bets the amount of money that his American muscle can run a faster quarter mile then his friend Tom Goldstein’s 2011 Ferrari 458. With a total of $ 800,000 in escrow you bet they were both sweating!

Stay tuned for the full footage, but for now enjoy the teaser!


  1. Is hard to say, stock vs. modded, all depends on what the Cobra got. A stock 458 runs low to mid 11s, it doesn’t take much for a modded 427 Cobra to run quicker then that.


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