Video 1964 Porsche 904 GTS Driven by Walter Röhrl

What happens when one of the best drivers in the world meets one of the most beautiful coupes of all times? The answer is pure driving pleasure, accroding to Porsche who combined German racing legend Walter Röhrl borrowing a 1964 Carrera (904) GTS from the Porsche museum for a little joyride around the track. The footage below shows the final result.

The 1964 904 GTS was produced between 1964-1965. The overall 116 904 GTS have been built with a two liter four-cylinder engine (”Fuhrmann Engine”) from the 356 Carrera 2. This specific car (also called “904/6″) with flat six-engine has only been built twice. The engine produces an output of 198bhp. The vehicle is also known under the name Porsche Carrera GTS.

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