FAB Design SLS

We’ve had a sneak peak over at FAB Design’s stand. They will be presenting their take on the SLS and the new Cayenne this year. Expect both cars to feature in our overkill category when we see them on the road!

Tomorrow we’ll bring more pictures so keep checking back!

FAB Design Cayenne

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  1. I never understood roof scoops, i take that back. i never understood roof scoops on a front-engine car. they work wonders on mid and rear-engines, though. one can make an argument for them by saying they increase down force, but really. Really? If it is down force; use a redesigned diffuser or rear-deck lid. something subtle and understated. the SLS is a future classic and should be treated as one; it shouldn’t have a roof scoop for the sake of making it look more aggressive. i’ll argue the fact that it adds more weight (even if it is carbon fiber).

    this FAB design SLS… air intake galore. the wide-body is useless in the rear. where’s the air-intake to cool the rear brakes? it looks like there should be one, but it just has a ledge. that can’t be aerodynamic in the slightest. the front spoiler and side skirts are mad, too. i would love to know the amount of wind testing that goes into these designs.

    So far (and I hope I’m wrong) from the pictures GTSpirit has posted from Geneva and other official tuning sites, it seems as though tuners are out to destroy the SLS AMG design. Brabus does it right, Hamann sometimes, but i’m not feeling the widebody on the Hawk. i can’t even think about the Mansory SLS without gagging. what gives?


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