Top Gear Season 16 Episode 6

Top Gear Season 16 Episode 6 marks the end of the 16th Season of the British motoring show featuring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. In Episode 6 Richard finally gets to drive his childhood supercar heroes, the Porsche 959 and Ferrari F40, before handing them over to the Stig. Jeremy takes on one of the biggest challenges yet as he races the new Jaguar XJ against the sun, while James is in Houston to celebrate the moon buggy and test NASA’s very latest space exploration vehicle.

Lord John Prescott, former Transport Minister, former Deputy Prime Minister and architect of the M4 bus lanedrives, drives the Reasonably Priced Car on the track and faces the searing heat during an interview with Jeremy Clarkson in the studio.

With this being the last episode of Top Gear Season 16, we found it a bit short. Top Gear was expecting that and shed some light on the short season.

Many of you will wonder why, discounting the Middle East special and the Christmas show that aired in December, this series was just six shows strong. Well, we’re primarily funded by the licence fee and our pockets are not as deep as you might think, especially since the BBC has had to tighten its belt in recent years. With that in mind, we’ve plumped for a ‘quality not quantity’ philosophy to ensure the look and the scope of the show isn’t compromised.

We hope you enjoyed this season of Top Gear and we are always keen to read your opinions about this Top Gear Season 16 Episode 6 or Top Gear in general in our comments!

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  1. @ Kris: I thought last episode wasn’t very interesting because there were only two items, one with the Audi and BMW which was okay and one large item about a plow in Norway, which wasn’t very interesting or exciting. The most interesting part was Amber Heard driving the Reasonably Priced Car.

  2. I agree with Crhis, the last episode was not that good, the one with the Zondas was awesome and for the end of the season I hope for a really good show. :)

  3. The Zonda Show was just stunnig, I kept watching it for a couple of times.
    I think the Zonda R is, technically, one of the greatest cars ever made.

  4. It just proves Top Gear America is better than the recent top gear UK. top gear UK was good until season 12. then it went downhill. comedy show rather than car show. this season however was much better

  5. @shawn I bleed stars and stripes, and love America with all my heart but Top Gear UK is still much much better than Top Gear America, granted they’ve only done one season and will hopefully get better.

  6. anyone that thinks Top Gear America is better than the BBC version is crazy. In fact, my question is how soon before TGA is cancelled?

  7. I’m American, and I think the UK version is so much better than the American. But the American hosts will come into sync soon and one day it will become as good as the UK Top Gear…I hope.

  8. when do they decide to get a supercar (the ferrari ff or the new gumpert) and race it against a dragon that spits lava and has machine guns all around in the sun itself… I’m just saying, it would give a great episode

  9. the two shows actually differ quite alot.

    Top gear America is about cars. if you just want a car show you watch that.

    Top gear UK is just a comedy show with 1 car test fitted between to fill a gap. i mean when was the last time they had 3 proper car tests like they used to?

    every UK episode is now one car test + one big race or road trip.
    i mean once a while was good but not every damn episode gosh.

  10. I agree with you Shawn. Dam stupid big events. I want car tests and cars drives, but now only a hell of big things like the last episode… -.- What the hell was that? Do i care about a big tractor and snow? F*** it Oo

  11. João that is exactly how i feel. like that hot air balloon episode, or the lancia episode. WHO CARES. drive a ferrari california, hummer, anything. test cars!

    oh and one thing USA has over UK, the stars in the reasonably priced cars are actually stars people know. not some randoms only clarkson knows about.

  12. Shawn, you do realize that people in the UK where Top Gear is filmed know who these people are right? Every show doesn’t cater to the American audience. I’m American and while I think the proper Top Gear is way better, US Top Gear definitely gives you some decent info on cars.

    No matter how bad US Top Gear is, anything is better than Australian Top Gear. I’ve been watching TG since the early 90’s when it was just a dry car review show and frankly I wish they’d do a combination of the two instead of just going for pure entertainment. I actually buy cars and the old episodes are great reference.


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