Top Gear Season 16 Episode 3

Top Gear Season 16 Episode 3 is airing tomorrow on the 6th of February! In Albania, the boys drive the Rolls-Royce Ghost, Mercedes S65 AMG and a rather unusual Bentley Mulsanne which involves a fat man and an untimely death.

On the track, Jeremy drives the Ford Focus RS500, the Prodrive-developed Cosworth Impreza STi and the Volvo C30 PCP. Oh and Jonathan Ross is back as the Star in the Reasonably Priced Car.

The episode 3 airs tomorrow at 8pm local British time on BBC2 and BBC HD.

Stay tuned for more next week when the boys are in the market for second-hand convertibles, whilst Jeremy drives the Pagani Zonda R.


  1. VIN
    You couldn’t find a better place. I lived there for eight wonderfully happy years, and would go back tomorrow if I could. Most of the people I call good friends are Albanian.

    One question re Top Gear. Did they bring the Merc home?

  2. Albania! WOW! I live and worked there for many years. It is the hell-hole of the world. It is worse the Africa or Middle East. Albanians, including the leadership of the country, are all crooked. I remember meeting with Sali Berisha and his advisers concerning the operation of our business in norther Albania, city of Shkoder. Berisha himself agreed with us and told us to stay in touch with his advisers. Once in Shkoder, we meet with the Suljaman Something, who informed us that he was the “Lord” of this city. Then it came to certain legal matters and a Lazder Cardaku, an assistant government attorney, who could barely write or read, told us that he was the “Lord” of the city and that Sali Berisha was his “relative”. Finally, we returned to Tirana and meet with Berisha gain. At this time, he informat us that he is the “Lord” of Shkoder and all Albania. Eventually, we left Albania as we were not able to bribe our way to what we wanted to do.

  3. To *Joe* who comented above.

    Every nation is welcomed in Albania to do business are treated with special care and all have opened doors wherever they go in Albania, EXCEPT OF SERBS. So i presume my comment asnwers your hatred towards even the Albanians themselves.
    There is no other nation that hates every Albanian except Serbs.

  4. Top gear you bunch of middle aged wankers

    thanks a lot for presenting albania to the world as this nation of mafia who only think about stealing cars

  5. @Ben – are you for real? Do you think Top Gear is really going to be taken seriously by people wishing to visit Albania? It certainly didn’t put me of visiting as I have a brain and a sense of humour. I understood the comedy of the show, did you?

  6. to all of u that are saying albanians still cars,if they do weldone to them can u do the same u cant bcasue u dont have the balls to do that they do not only still but do any thing that the english cant even thing of it so get a life people and dont worry to mach about albnians.

  7. @ben … well ben , you’re right. till sometime ago we used to steal cars ( and from very famous celebrities such as J.T. John Terry or Gatusso ) but nowdays no one does that anymore … i recall some years ago you could easily buy an BMW X5 for like 5000 euros. but those days are over … Today if you want a car just go to a Dealer …
    P.S the show was great … although it was a bit like a movie script… not entirely real … KEEP UP the GOOD WORK TG

  8. @ INK and GTR
    lol i completely get the comical side but the country is under development and it was presented in a way as it was some 20 years ago, and i understand top gear dont give a shit about how the country is presented to the world as long as they have their ratings. the albanias have a negative reputation throghout the world and Top Gear just confirmed it on national tv.
    this completely underestimates us the hardworking people who work hard to build a reputation and repair what has been done negatively… nevertheless the show was good on some comical points such as fitting a dead body and the smoking police man while chasing ,, hilarious ..


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