GR3 Route Announcement

Since a few weeks the registration for the 3rd edition of the GoldRush rally has been opened. The rally, organised by the owners of L4P, is taking subscriptions right now. The event is held from June 14th till June 19th in South-West America.

The route – released earlier – has been set into the spotlights again by using a nice teaser informing you that the start is in Denver and the finish in Los Angeles.

GR3 Route Announcement

Secondly, the rally owners also reported that this years route will take the participants through the Zion National Park in Springdale, Utah, USA. The place is known for it beautiful nature but also because of one of the nicest driving roads in the US. Check the picture below.

GR3 Zion National Park

Co-organiser RawMean has released a statement concerning the rally:

We live our daily lives as doctors, lawyers, designers, ceos, brokers, mechanics, photographers, financial advisers, students, professors, teachers and investment bankers but there is a common thread that brings us all together and thats is our love for cars and the life style that surrounds it. I meet people every day but very rarely I feel that I can truly be myself. I am amazed that no matter from what profession and what walk of life a goldRush participant comes from without a doubt from the moment I meet them, I can truly be myself and know that there will never be that occurred moment of silence when I know I have nothing to say that they would understand. For me the gR Rally has been the genesis to life long friendships with like minded people that I can truly call friends. It is one of the most amazing feelings when you know there is people out there just like you that you can relate to and share a part of your life with. I am truly looking forward to expanding this group of life long friends that are truly the believers of everything this rally stands for!

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