Lexus LF-A Doing Donuts

After many years of impatiently waiting for the Lexus LF-A being released, we were looking forward to see the first cars delivered to their new owners. In the video below you can see a lucky owner from Costa Rica who took his brand new red LF-A for a ‘spin’.

It’s rather nice to see the car doing donuts inside a hangar but maybe he should read this first before taking the car on the road?


  1. Why? He didn’t set the launch control on. And if you reed again you will see that it can’t be set if the total mileage shown on the odometer is less than 310miles. Electronic restriction.

  2. Most manuals, and I’m sure this is in the LFA’s is that your not supposed to go over 4000RPM’s before 300 or 500 miles. DAMAGEEEE

  3. Although unlike stated in the article entry, I have a feeling this an example of how the car is being used prior to final delivery. Perhaps some mechanic or employ checking it out first…


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