Volkswagen showed another special Touareg concept at the Qatar Motor Show this week. The Volkswagen Touareg Gold Edition is one of the most expensive and exclusive SUV’s ever. Parts of both the interior as the exterior have been ‘upgraded’ with 24 karat gold.

The Touareg Gold Edition should be able to handle a journey around the world – but bear in mind, this car should only be parked where there is good surveillance. That is because – living up its name − certain areas of this SUV are upgraded with 24-carat gold. On the outside, they include the custom designed 22 inch wheels, roof rails, protective guard strips and window frames, mirror caps and parts of the air intake frame, “Touareg V8” signature and boot sill trim. Like the Race Touareg 3 Qatar, this SUV is also painted in “Magic Morning” body colour.

Inside, 24-carat gold also adorns many of the car’s accents and switches, making the entire car unique. The interior design itself has a pleasant, bright appearance in the “Luna” trim colour. The Alcantara roofliner shows this colour as does the Nappa leather of the seats, which is decorated with ornamental stitch detailing. On the other hand, the dashboard is trimmed in a natural brown leather; contrasting seams in “Magnolia” colour perfect the colour scheme. Natural brown with leather inserts in “Luna” adorn the floor mats. Automotive craftsmanship at its finest is reflected in the Walnut Burr accents with genuine gold marquetry – also crafted into an ornamental pattern. This is in keeping with the general image of the Touareg, which – in the “normal” production version – is one of the most sophisticated SUVs in the world.

As its still a concept car the price is unknown, but if there’s one place in the world where you can pull this off, it’s at the Gulf.

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  1. Why some one would buy a car made of gold!! what is the point! and why buy a gold SUV!! this is stupid. At least if i am a billionaire and love to drive a car made or plated with gold…. I prefer Rolls or Bentley not even a Mercedes and of course not SUV. Beside Touareg is an ugly car….



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