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Gallery: Yellow Lexus LFA Photoshoot

Gallery Yellow Lexus LFA Photoshoot

We have experienced the wonderful potential of the Lexus LFA in Monaco last year. The release of the first production-ready vehicles onto the streets of Europe, US and Japan should start this year, but up that moment we have to look at pictures and videos made from a small number of vehicles available for the press and events like the Detroit Motor Show.

The yellow Lexus LFA in the photoshoot below was revealed during the 2011 Detroit Motor Show last week. The vehicle is similar to the white, red and black versions we saw before, only the color differs.

The pictures were made by NY-P.com Photography.

[Via Teamspeed]


  1. I couldn’t believe how unimpressive this thing was in person. The interior was not even as well dressed as a mid grade 350z. That powerplant is impressive though. This car is going to be a difficult sell.

  2. Does the F in the interior shots screen stand for fotoshop? haha. Interior doesn’t look bad in the pictures I think I may have seen another yellow one.

  3. If you think LFA’s interior is as good as a mid-grade 370Z, your eye sight is severely weak or you have no idea about the quality and type of material used in the interior or you simply are a complete hater. It uses extremely expensive leather, alcantara, real aluminum and carbon fiber. Even the fasteners are made out of extremely expensive material.

    If these materials are 370Z grade for you, you are clearly demented.

    The electronic LCD TFT screen gauge cluster alone is worth more than the entire ZR-1 interior. Nearly every single person who drove it raved about the interior fit, finish, quality and lavish quality of material (except ofcourse haters).

    Oh yeah, all the Lexus LFA have been sold so you must be living in a cave to be oblivious to that.


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