Nelson Racing Shelby TT GT500 Code Red

You don’t get the name ‘muscle car’ for nothing which must have stimulated Shelby and Nelson Racing engines to create this prototype Mustang GT500. The engine got a pair of twin turbo’s resulting in a stunning 1,000bhp output. When Nelson racing does not directly ring a bell, we can tell you they’ve done several great jobs before with cars like the MT900S which was based on a stock Mosler.

Code Red, the current nick-name of the prototype, breaths through a heavily modified 5.4 liter V8 having twin 61mm Turbonetics turbochargers along with a dual fuel system that includes cells for both race and street gas as well as an electronic boost controller that can vary boost for each gear.

If Shelby offers a production of this TT GT500, expect plenty of other goodies to be included like 14 inch brakes, Shelby/Eibach adjustable suspension system, 10-point roll cage, … .

Prices aren’t released yet but that can’t be the reason to not try to break a record on a quarter mile sprint!


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