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The Sultan Of Brunei’s Cars Sold via Singapore?

The Sultan Of Brunei's Cars Sold Via Singapore

The story concerning The Sultan of Brunei and his car collection continues today, following our post yesterday. Jalopnik reports that a group of untouched cars may actually be in Singapore, despite being sold by some Kiwis.

Information revealed by the team of Jalopnik suggests that many of the rare cars in question showed up at the birthday party of global luxury car broker Hong Seh Motors in Singapore.

Via other sources at different blogs and websites they came to the conclusion that this could be the Brunei’s collection, though it’s possible some other cars are mixed in there.

We will keep reporting you while this interesting story unfolds itself.


  1. It does not belong to the Sultan of Brunei. It belongs to the owner of Hong Seh Motors. Its been sitting in their upper floor garage for close to a decade and having recently lost their Ferrari franchise to Ital Autos they are now selling Spyker and Maserati cars.

    The principal of Hong Seh used to be an avid car collector and this is what remains of their car collection.


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