Full Carbon Fibre Ferrari 16M

Thanks to Teamspeed we can show you what we know think is the most expensive 16M on the market. This fully carbon fibre 16M was commissioned by a previous owner from Ferrari’s bodywork specialist Carrozzeria Zanasi. It’s now being offered for sale at Ferrari Beverley Hills for a staggering $ 650,000. All exterior panels have been manufactured from carbon fibre.

Other options on the car include a Titanium exhaust by Tubi, a redesigned alcantara and leather interior, Sat Nav, front and rear view cameras and carbon fibre factory designed wheels.

If your interested, follow this link to the webpage. Let us know what you think below!

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  1. It looks cool and all, but is a stupid idea. You put lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig. In this case, it is still a 16M. Very nice car and all, but for similar price, I much rather have a 599 Roadster or a very beat up Enzo. Weight saving wise, it is not much since the stock body panels was very light to begin with, going from aluminum to CF panel, figure save about 5-15 lbs each panel, with the CF wheels, total weight saving is 100 max, but is more like 50-80.

  2. RacerX, it is cool to put carbon on any car, it does looks better and it is not all about performance. But everything is about cost. As far as an exotic car goes, the purpose for them is being cool, image and personal enjoyment. Tell me what is cooler and have higher image? This modded CF 16M or a bone stock 599 Roadster or a very beat up Enzo? All for the same price! I much rather have a higher end car then a lower end modded car. You put carbon on a 16M, it is still just a 16M.

  3. RacerX, a better analogy would be, all those heavily modded Japanese cars people have, all those Hondas, EVO, STi that some highend modder easily spend $100k on it (including the car). For $100k, I rather have a used Ferrari F360. Which car you think is cooler? A highly modded low end Japanese car, or a used 360 Modena?

  4. I just read the ad……..wow is only an overlay, for $650k? And it took 1 year to do an overlay? it only takes a few hours to wrap a car! And only the exhaust “tip” is titanium, not the whole exhaust. This thing doesn’t look stupid anymore, it is starting to look ghetto. The wheels look decent, but that could be an overlay too, they do overlay pretty good now a days. The alcantara looks good, but I don’t like the hacked up center console. Anyway you look at it, this thing don’t worth $650k. He would be lucky to get MSRP for it, it is afterall, a used car.


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