Lamborghini Teaser Part 3

Part three of Lamborghini’s supercar strip show finally lets us know what we’re looking at! There’s no doubt in our minds that we’re looking at the interior of the new concept. Clearly visible in the background of the shot is a red steering wheel. The carbon fiber looks fantastic to us!

We’re now halfway through the teaser shots, let us know what you are thinking in the comments box below!

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  1. thats exotic! this will be a wild looking new breed of supercar …Lamborghini has always made the most exotic cars that turn heads and thats what they will do again!!!

  2. looks like a crazy dash and possible some type of cluster to the top right of the dash. I hope they dont leave the scissors doors. It is the trademark to me and what makes a lambo a lambo. I dnt think i would purchase a lambo with doors that dont go up !

  3. I love a lot lamborghinis, especially murcielago but this is getting ridiculous. Giving us some fotos(sorry teasers) and we are trying to ques what the hell is it!It is nice to have a little mystery but the limit has been reached. If i am going to jugde the look of the new lambo i will do it when it is revealed.


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