Vorsteiner X6 M

BMW specialists, Vorsteiner, finally got around to unveiling their X6 M recently. We have to say that it does look good! It is a refined aerodynamics kit only for this car.

Up front Vorsteiner have added a new carbon fiber composite spoiler increasing air intake and improving downforce. The same effect can be said for the new ‘power dome’ carbon composite hoot which features a number of air vents, cooling the twin-turbo that lurks beneath.

At the rear, a carbon fiber diffuser has been added, it features three modular aero fins in addition to two vented slits. This helps the airflow to the exhaust system. The rear deck lid spoiler also provides additional downforce balancing out the effect of the front spoiler.

Vorsteiner offer a complete range of alloys including the forged one-piece monoblock aluminum wheels with high performance Michelin PS2 sport tires that you see on this car.

Pricing and further details are available from Vorsteiner on request.


  1. Vorsteiner actually makes the X6/M look decent. After looking at these pictures I want to know what the visibility out the rear window is like, it doesn’t look good.


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