Pagani Zonda HH Artist Impression

The Pagani Zonda HH was unveiled at the end of last month. The owner’s name was not revealed until last week. We only knew that he was an American customer. The HH just happens to stand for its owner David Heinemeier Hansson in Chicago.

David is a 30 year-old software guru. He created the Ruby on Rails web development framework and is a partner at a software development firm called 37signals. Unfortunately for Mr. HH, he will only be able to enjoy his precious ride during his vacations in Italy since the Pagani Zonda HH cannot be imported to the USA. The car will be parked at his Italian vacation home.

We would consider moving to Italy during the whole year.

[Via WorldCarFans]

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  1. David is really pissed that his name was revealed, and he doesn’t have any italian vacation homes. Also he thinks that it might be possible to bring the car into US.

  2. I find it funny that hes pissed, if he didn’t want the attention, should have probably bought something less ostentatious than a custom 1-off Pagani don’t you think?

  3. He needs to take some cash and do more research about his Zonda’s absense from the USA. I know of two Pagani Zondas running around Southern California. There are several ways to get these type of cars into the US and legally drive them under limited conditions. Aside from bribing a DOT and DMV official…it is not entirely impossible……especially for a rich guy like him!


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