For Sale: McLaren F1 Production Number 01

McLaren F1 production number 01 is for sale via The supercar is priced at $ 3,175,000 (€ 2,582,560) and only has 300 miles on the odometer.

The silver car runs a 6.1 liter BMW V12 engine and is one of the greatest sports cars ever build.

For more information contact or Gemballa North America the company selling the unique car.

For Sale: McLaren F1 Production Number 01 interior


  1. 2,5m , 3,0m , 4,0m oh the sir from abu dhabi is offering 5,0m oh no the guy from dubai is offering 5,5m the mr. fro qatar is offering 7,0m do i hear 7,1 7,2 7,3 and the car is sold to another rich guy dressed in white.

  2. The details in the original ad did not jive at all with the known facts of the first production F1. I emailed the seller and while I did not initially receive a reply (didn’t really expect one) the wording in the ad was changed and no longer references the car as the ‘first’ now.

    Unfortunately sites like Jalopnik, TopGear and WorldCarFans have picked up the story and run with it. Great for the advertiser as he gets lots of free publicity, but the spread of misinformation is never a good thing.

    The photos supplied in the ad show chassis #013 from when BingoSports was selling the car last January. I don’t believe that’s the car being offered as #013 has significantly more miles than what is claimed in the ad.

    There is another F1 in Japan that fits the description and has been for sale under similar terms for quite a while. I suspect this ad is another attempt to broker that particular car.

    I did receive a reply from the broker listed in the ad today and he did not supply any real details on the car being offered but did state that the seller had a “change of heart” and had pulled the car off the market.



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