Overkill Land Rover Defender

Forum member Turboman spotted this unique Land Rover Defender. The vehicle was displayed somewhere in Brazil at an event called Autoshow Collection on the 27th of July. As you can see it has some heavy visual modifications and especially the wheels don’t fit the Defender at all.

Overkill Land Rover Defender 01

Overkill Land Rover Defender 02

[Via Autocustom.com.br]


  1. i would be surprised if it can even leave the parking lot with those tires already rubbing on the fender flares…
    a safari snorkel? brush guard? rock sliders? and skid plate?
    what in hell happens in that parking lot that it needs all that heavy duty armor?

    this is not not overkill…. this is plain stupid…
    why cant some one that will use that car as intended, going up the Everest for example have that truck???


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