Car Crash Another Wrecked Ferrari 458 Italia

The amount of crashes involving the Ferrari 458 Italia can hardly be counted on two hands. Today, we report about another car – this time a black one – which crashed in the UK. The 458 was hired by the unlucky driver at Ecurie25 rental company.

The sports car was facing the wrong way on the roundabout over the A404 near Marlow. Looks like it might have had small problems with the slippery road and bad weather conditions.

Small request! Can people please stop crashing this Italian sports car?

Car Crash Another Wrecked Ferrari 458 Italia 01

Car Crash Another Wrecked Ferrari 458 Italia 02

For more information on the rental company and the specific car click here!

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  1. I would say the car is too easy to drive fast so that people don’t think about if they can handle the car in a serious situation.

  2. @ breen : yeah i agree, its possible the best looking crashed car

    and people have too much money and no experience.
    go in the car with mindset that its a ferrari, it will do a million miles around any corner. but no it dosnt

  3. Good riddance to bad rubbish. The 458 is a cancerous tumour on four wheels, an ugly horror with a terrible engine (if it hasn’t got a V12, it ain’t a Ferrari) that sounds harsh at high revs and like a bloody diesel at low revs, plus the most dreadful cabin I’ve ever seen. I hope every single one of them dies in a fireball.


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