Pink Lamborghini LP670 SV Impounded by London Police

That a few Arabs are currently hitting the streets of London with their exclusive supercars is a known fact. Over the past weeks they have been spotted numerous times. One of the cars, a Pink Lamborghini LP670 SV, got impounded on July 20th after a bike revved and not the SV. The guy who filmed the whole scene explains:

Al-Thani Koenigsegg CCXR and Murcielago LP670-4 SV were just leaving Sloane street to go for a drive, as he pulls away in the SV he started to rev loudly. A few cars behind was the Matt pink LP670-4 SV which also started to rev. unfortunatly he hadn’t noticed the police car behind! They pulled him over for revving, then asked to see various documents, a couple of which he did not have on him. They then said they would impound the car until the documents were produced, and reg plate changed to a UK spec one as the qatar plates are illegal!

The next video shows a police officer trying to drive the SV, not as easy as he thought!

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  1. Deserved, no one should be above the law. I’m sure he fully knew the risks of the illegal plates, and not having the papers? surely it isn’t his first time in the UK… He wont do it again, which is a win for the police in my book.

    I’m a fan of exotics as much as the next guy, but having an exotic doesn’t mean you have to act obnoxiously or assume that your stature can get you all you need all the time.

  2. People with fast cars should be let off for things like this, simply because they’re rich. They spend money, they create jobs, they boost the economy. They deserve some sort of thanks.

  3. I agree with Meller… Where is the “EPIC FAIL” in this video? I don’t see it either. I just see a car being impounded for being on the streets on London illegally…

  4. The epic fail is in the first video!
    Just picture yourself as the driver … lame!
    Lucky policeman to drive away this kind of car.

    I quote Dave: “they create jobs, they boost the economy”
    No they don’t, those guys are 20-30 and can afford those cars thanks to daddy.
    Nobody at this age have this kind of money and can spend all summer long in London.

  5. If you’re a foreign national and you’ve driven to the UK, you’re allowed to retain your licence plates for between 6 and 12 months. You do however need to provide evidence of how long the car has been in the country for.
    the car may have been seized because the owner could not produce documents at the time of asking. UK residents would normally have 7 days to produce these, but if you’re a visitor with no fixed address, they’re may be required there and then.

  6. @boubou You don’t think they create jobs and boost the economy. What, so you don’t think they spend any money in UK? It doesn’t matter how they got the money, fact is they have it and they spend it.

  7. This is pathetic really if the car was ‘illegal’ then all the cars from the gulf would have been seized on the first day of summer. The cops had nothing better to do just like when the two cars got clamped withing five minutes of stopping. It made no difference to the drivers just put a bad light over london


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