2012 Corvette Gets All-New Small-Block V8

A General Motors insider has revealed to Motor Trend that the next-generation Chevrolet Corvette will feature GM’s new 5.5 liter V8 engine. The Corvette C7 will have the new small block including direct-injection and a new combustion system.

The power will likely be 440 horsepower, a bit more than the 436 horsepower currently available in the C6 Corvette. The new small-block will use the traditional overhead-valve layout, ensuring compact dimensions and lower manufacturing costs.

You can expect to see the C7 Corvette in 2012.

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  1. This is a fr cry from the concepts Ihave seen, but it is truely a corvette not a knock off of another brand. The question is will GM respond to the handeling issues that most corvette owners do not like about the C6. Although the C6 responds well, and handels ok it is not like the C5. But that is anotheer can of worms. I do however like the new styling, and its stay with tradition. Now the question is when do we get to see the first one?

  2. So tired of the mid engined Corvette BS. I say make a mid engined Corvette, but call it a Cadillac Evoq and put in a little bit of hybrid something just to make a showcase car.

  3. Yup nothing like the concept’s, Corvette is a fantastic motor car (i own two C6’S and a member of NCRS) i like the sedate feel of my small 6 ltr Roadster, however i get a huge charge out of driving my 7 ltr chipped ZO6 with mild to wild exhaust – There is no substitute for sheer toque and HP – keep the 427 cu in motor i say.
    1- Navigation needs to be improved and parking sensors/cameras via a screen on the rear view mirror would be a bonus.
    2- Insulated centre console to keep the Heath Bar from melting.
    3- Twin plate clutch would be an improvement.
    4 – Candy apple red added to the color choice(now i am getting picky)


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