Novitec Rosso is widely known for its tuning of Maserati and Ferrari sports cars. Their heritage goes back to the 90’s. Novitec Automobile GmbH officially began in 1989. Wolfgang Hagedorn – founder and owner of the company – started with a vision focussed on the art of refining Italian sport cars.

“The Novitec Turbo and compressor engines for Alfa Romeo vehicles attracted a high level of interest,” says Dirk Moersdorf, Sales Director International at Novitec. “The next step was the first bi-compressor for the Ferrari 360 Modena presented in 2003 in Frankfurt. The story evolved into the development of more supercharger kits for both Maserati and Ferrari.”

Testing is being done in-house by Novitec technicians but also at the Stuttgart University windtunnel. These tests ensure high quality and realibility of the packages created by the exclusive tuner.

A total of twenty people are working for the company in Stetten in the south of Germany. The most important markets for the Germans are the US and Europe, especially the UK. Upcoming markets, important for the further growth of the company are Asia and China.

Regarding requests from customers, Moersdorf stated that red & yellow are still the most popular colours, but matte colours are gaining popularity. The most unique colour setup they have created so far, was a matte green/matte grey combation with matte cayman leather interior trim.

Below you will find a gallery with pictures of the factory. Please focus on the posters in the office/showroom and the three smaller showrooms in the backyard of the factory. Novitec installed solar panels on the roof of these three ‘rooms’. The power collected by the panels is transfered to the citizens of Stetten. Each room rotates with respect to the sun and makes use of renewable energy from the sun. They are a clean and environmental means of collecting solar energy. Within each room we spotted several unique supercars. A great statement of ‘Green Power’!

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