Home Car News Lonely Jaguar XJ220 in Qatar Desert

Lonely Jaguar XJ220 in Qatar Desert

Lonely Jaguar XJ220 in Qatar Desert

What can be more depressing than this? The Jaguar XJ220 you see on the pictures has been abandoned in the desert of Qatar. Crank and Piston’s Mick Bramley spotted the car while visiting the Gulf region.

What a shame… One of the rarest and most special supercars ever built shouldn’t belong in this terrible place. Any volunteers who want to pick it up, clean it and cherish it?


  1. looks perfectly restorable. the 220 was my ‘Ferrari poster’ moment. very sad, i’m sure the classic car clubs will try to pick this up~

  2. Shit I couldn’t remember where I left the damn thing. Anyone seen a mclaren f1 lately i think it was orange ….might have been green….missing one of those too.

  3. Why are you claiming it’s an abandoned parking lot, all the other cars in the background look fine. Whoever the owner is hes a lucky person, all the car needs is some bodywork and a few other repairs. Cars in the Middle East usually have excellent bodywork (no corrosion). Contrary to what other sites are saying most people in the Middle East love cars and there are some excellent workshops (better equipped due to more investment by the owners) well able to cope with this kind of thing.

  4. Fixing this is no problem, I reckon the Jag dealer in Qatar would have no problem with this. All the workshops I’ve seen in the Middle East are staffed by Europeans and have 1st class facilities

  5. This type car in that region is usually driven by a rich kid or one with rich parents. I would bet it has truly shot mechanicals which is a major reason for dumping them. Cost too much to repair and hassle is something these guys just do not care for.

    Just try to remove the vehicle and you will wish you had not bothered, they will have you tied up in paper work for a decade easily. The only time the ‘owner’ will show an interest is when YOU DO………

  6. Has any one got details of the location of this car?as in a road name,i presuming as it has its plates taken off its reg lieance has expired


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