New TVR coming soon?

Reports suggest TVR is working on a comeback with a new model that will cost around £70,000. TVR stopped production on its last car, the TVR Sagaris, in their facilities in the United Kingdom in October 2006. In May 2008 TVR showed the Sagaris 2 prototype to the press and potential customers but after the event it has been quiet, very quiet around TVR.

TVR’s Russian owner Nikolai Smolenski plans to sell the new TVR in global markets including the US. Therefore it is likely the new TVR won’t use a bespoke engine like the last TVR’s. It is suggested that TVR might opt for a US-sourced V8 engine that would significantly reduce the development and test time and costs for a new TVR. Despite what our sources suggest we suspect TVR to be working on an updated version of their Sagaris 2 concept opposed to the development of a new model from scratch.

[Via Pistonheads via TVRblog]



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