Spyshots: Two Pagani C9 Mules in South Africa 480x280

This is the third time in a short period we are going to show you some pictures of the new Pagani C9 model. A WorldCarFans reader spotted two C9 prototypes undergoing tests in Johannesburg, South Africa.

WCF member Chetan spotted the car last month, snapped a few pictures and sent them in. He indicated that the two Pagani test vehicles were being chased by two Mercedes SLS models at the time, but was unable to get photos.

If you look closely at the pictures you will spot a new design. Especially the car in front has a complete new design we haven’t seen before.

Stay tuned for more!


  1. They are very different in the rear and I think I love them both. I have only had the pleasure of sitting in a Pagani Zonda but it did make me feel like I was going over the speed limit. Everything Pagani turns out is amazing and I am positive this car will be no different.

    Hell, I wouldn’t mind visiting South Africa either!


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