JMV Design Ferrari 458

JMV Design is the brainchild from John Mark Vicente, a Canadian design student, wherefrom we saw the Bugatti Renaissance rendering about two weeks ago.

Because this is only a design study, we will not see the Ferrari 458 with this kit. That might change if there is a tuner who wants to take these renderings as a possible package for the newest Ferrari. Only thing that needs to be done is reviewing the engine and maybe get the V8 to an output of 600bhp. We believe this design study should get a future. Your thoughts are of course welcome in the comment box below!


  1. I definitely think this design should get a look by a tuner, and if not why not a racing team in Le mans, or Fia. It must stay within the restrictions though.

  2. the front end is wicked! The wing attachment is crazy, but its nice. the wheel package is ill. in fact, its the wheel package that makes it look so great.

    this design actually made an ugly car look attractive. i say green light it!

  3. I agree with everyone, this design study should get the green light. It made this car which I honestly thought was ugly look good. Also, I don’t think a wing has ever looked this good on a Ferrari…..usually it looks ricey.

  4. hi there its anice car , my cusen planing to buy one and he is asking where can we have this design kit

    if any budy knoes please tell me


    • Dear Nawaf,

      this JMV Design is still a design study. Please keep tuned to GTspirit, when more info is unveiled about a package we will inform you.



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