Reiter Engineering Super Trofeo Strada 480x280

Translated from Italian, Strada means ‘road’ which gives us some indication of what Reiter have designed the Super Trofeo Strada to be. We’ve already seen a number of road-going racers from the German racing/tuning company including this LP640 based ‘Strada’ based on the Murciélago R-GT and the GT3 ‘Strada’ based on the Gallardo. This new model focuses on replicating the experience owners get from the factory built Super Trofeo race car.

As the Super Trofeo is built on an LP560-4 chassis, this was where Reiter Engineering started to look for the ‘Strada’. Reiter have replicated the Super Trofeo’s carbon fiber bodywork including the rear bumper and diffuser layout, side skirts, spoiler, engine cover, front bumper and splitter. All body parts are produced in lightweight carbon fibre, presumably featuring the subtle modifications required to make the car road-legal.

Suspension modifications are made up of a damper set, front anti-roll bars and race wishbones. The necessary adjustments have all been made by Reiter’s race engineers and Dutch ex-Lamborghini works driver Peter Kox.

The interior naturally retains all the comforts of the standard car although Reiter Engineering do offer a set comfortable race-style seats. These can be covered in Alcantara or Leather as you can see from the pictures.

To complete the look, Reiter offer the option of an FIA sanctioned fire extinguisher as well as a roll-cage suitable for racing and, again, sanctioned by the FIA. The roll-cage can be covered in Alcantara for extra comfort.

For more information on the car contact Reiter Engineering through their website.

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