Ferrari 16M Scuderia Novitec Rosso

A while ago we reported about a very bad crash on the German Autobahn involving a Ferrari F430 Scuderia. A few moments ago we received news about another Autobahn crash. This time it was a Novitec 16M Scuderia Spider that was totalled. The driver, a Serbian Ferrari collector, and his passenger got seriously injured.

The accident happened on the Autobahn from Mindelheim to Stetten, Bavaria, Southern Germany. The Serb was in Germany to test his brand new Ferrari Novitec 16M Scuderia when it all happened. German police declared that the Ferrari clearly came of the road due to high speed, then rolled several times and ended up in a grassland. Total damage will be around €300,000 (£270,000 – $440,000).

Ferrari 16M Scuderia Novitec Rosso

[Via Autogepot]


  1. Local newspaper says that he was driving together with the salesman.
    We did 280 with an Audi RS4 on exactly the same part of the Autobahn without a problem, but I still agree with Chris…

  2. seems something is wrong with italian supercars .. none crash as often as those do .. I’ve been in various audi rs4s and corvettes doing anything above 250 and nothing ever happened. this is also just on random autobahn’s with no speed limit… we didn’t select a certain route.

  3. Italian supercars “none crash as often as those do”?

    Don’t know about that. In my opinion, when a RS4, SL AMG, M5 crashes the news won’t reach us this fast… Those crashes are also sad but the car is less special.

    German cars: what about all wrecked Carrera GT’s?

  4. Agree with Stieben, when an Italian exotic crashes we hear a lot more about it. BMW’s ect. tend to slip under the radar.

    That said, i’m sure theres a lot of other Italian cars that crash and we don’t hear about it!

  5. hmm.. lets think about, what would i do with a Novitec 16M ???….SELL IT and buy a BMW M5 G-Power 730Bhp Version !!!

    Why? Because all the rich douchebags with there Ferrari´s and Porsches and Lambos will have a weired lookin Face when they realise that there cant keep up with a “Standard-lookin” G-Power´ed BMW M5 Series.

    But!!! Thats all just nice thinkin, i will never had Novitec or G-Power BMW M5 and it will stay a Dream my whole Life. :(

    Sad but True: That whole means i live longer :)

    *Pls God, never let me Win in the Lottery

  6. look I´ve had BMW M6 and my friend BMW M5 and the transmission is broken nonstop at the standard power and i´ve had 4 Ferrari and the only Ferrari i´ve had a problem with was Novitec tunned.. The Novitec rosso tuning is absolutely bulshit the compressor burnt after 10 000 km I paid 8 000 euros to put my car back to the standard… completely cowboy company !!!


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